Team Machine

Machine Man is a multifaceted project with a single purpose:
to change perceptions of OCD through media and art.

Through film, music, art, and writing, Machine Man is bringing OCD to the forefront of the public consciousness. The Machine Man project is only as strong as the community's involvement. This is a user-generated site, meaning we rely on you, your friends, and your family to breathe meaning into OCD and spread understanding of the disorder beyond the usual stereotypes.

Our job is to empower you through mainstream media.

Team Machine

Director Kellie Madison  |  Email Kellie  |  IMDB

Producer Craig Pietrowiak  |  Email Craig  |  IMDB


Kellie Madison, Writer/ Director: OCD first entered Kellie Madison's life two years ago after a close friend told her he suffered from the disorder.

Compelled to learn more about OCD beyond the usual stereotypes, Madison embarked on an intensive research and outreach campaign, connecting her to experts such as Jeff Bell, Dr. Michael Jenike and Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz to name a few.  

Machine Man was born from Madison's realization that the general public does not truly understand OCD, and at best, it is a marginalized disorder in mainstream media.  

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Craig James Pietrowiak, Producer: Craig recently signed on as a producer of Machine Man after reading and falling in love with the material.   Like Kellie, Craig is inspired by heartfelt projects with a message, and has taken on the Machine Man cause as his own ever since learning about the depths of OCD and how it affects those who suffer with it.

Being an accomplished producer and actor, Craig's talents are the perfect fit for the Machine Man project, and he feels compelled now more than ever to bring the story of OCD to light.

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How to Be a Part of Team Machine

Contribute to the FILM
Help us produce the Machine Man film, a narrative feature length movie written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Kellie Madison.

Submit your MUSIC
Enter your original songs for a chance to be featured in the Machine Man movie.

Share your ART
Contribute to the evolving collection of poetry, prose, artwork, and videos on the Machine Man site.

Attend an EVENT
Show your commitment to dispelling OCD stigmas by joining us for a local event.

Give us an IDEA
Email us at and let us know how we can better help you raise awareness for OCD.

Spread the word about Machine Man to everyone you know!