Machine Man - The Movie

SYNPOSIS A typical day behind the wheel of a car for most people quickly turns into chaos and distress for thirty-something BEN LYLE. Driving to meet MIRA, at a local coffee shop, Ben is distracted for a split second when his cell phone falls to the floor and his car slams into something. Rattled, he thinks he may have hit someone. He gets out of the car to check on his victim, only to find there’s no one there.

Was this experience real or is he having irrational fears making him believe that horrible things are occurring in his world? The fear is creating anxiety so strong that it begins to consume him and take over his life. Thoughts of harming those he loves most becoming increasingly more real and terrifying.

The symptoms worsen when Ben learns of his father’s passing. Overwhelmed with guilt and remorse for something catastrophic he did to his father as a child, Ben soon spirals out of control when he discovers that he will no longer have the opportunity to properly reconcile the tragic event.

The anxiety creates another huge obstacle in fulfilling what his heart has been telling him for quite some time - that he’s in love with Mira and wants to be with her. As his internal conflict escalates, he fights it with everything he’s got. He must struggle to get his mind under control simply to appear normal and not lose the most important person in his life. He has to reach inside of himself and find courage he never knew existed for his greatest discovery in his life so far… hope.

Kellie Madison, Writer/ Director: Kellie Madison began writing, producing and directing in 2002 when she realized her passion for filmmaking. In a short time she has amassed a reputation for developing quality projects including the award winning film "Bathtub Picnic," and connected with Clark Peterson, the producer of the Oscar winning film "Monster" to produce her latest completed project, the feature film "Dear Mr. Gacy," starring William Forsythe. The movie was based on a New York Times best selling book entitled "The Last Victim" by Jason Moss and Jeffrey Kottler about Jason's real-life chilling encounter with infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Since then Kellie has been writing, producing and devloping several feature length projects including the high-concept comedies "The Lineup" and "The Abolition of Sex," a suspense thriller called "Windows," a drama called "Box Castle" and a science fiction feature entitled "Under."

Kellie is thrilled to be embarking on the journey of making Machine Man, a film about a man struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Kellie's passion is to tell stories that inspire, entertain and move people.

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Craig James Pietrowiak, Producer: Craig James Pietrowiak is an award winning filmmaker and producer. Two of his short films, "Karma Cafe" and "Contract Killers," have won numerous awards across the U.S. It was the success of "Contract Killers" that helped him get a manager in Los Angeles to represent his television pilot called "Wrigleyville" which he created and directed.

Craig has written numerous other feature length films as well as two other pilots but has spent most of his time in the last two years focused on acting. He's currently starring in the independent film called "Vengeance of the Black Claws" and "Q For Death" starring Jeremy London from "Party of Five" and "Seventh Heaven." Recently he signed on as a producer of Machine Man after reading and falling in love with the material. Like Kellie, Craig is inspired by heartfelt projects with a message.

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What we want to do:

We hope to raise $225,000 to produce the feature film Machine Man through donations from people like you - people who know just how important it is to get this movie made.

How we plan to do it:

This story is about those struggling with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). We're creating a grassroots campaign reaching out to the millions of people who are either affected by OCD or are friends and/or family members of those who struggle with this debilitating psychological disorder. But it doesn't have to stop there. There are many more people who can empathize with this overwhelming struggle and we need their help too! More and more people are diagnosed every day. This is why it's important to bring this disorder into public consciousness by producing a commercial feature film with heart and purpose!

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Madison Films

Over the past several years, Madison Films has focused on creating films that educate and inspire through the exploration of the human condition.

Led by Kellie Madison, an experienced producer and writer, Madison Films will be the production company involved in making Machine Man, the movie - a film about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in the life of a young man.

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